Sunday is a happy day.

HAPPY DAAAAYYY for ME! Why? I'll share 3 reasons why:

1. I am recovered from my crazy anti-social kind of mood, that has been lingering for past few days and I have been super-sensitive aaaarrrrgggh! but I am recovered and feel so happy today, seems like I can connect with everybody else like we used to and laugh like no tommorow:) . The secret: listen to a good news.

2. I found a PERFECT pair of SHOE, really PERFECT!! it's flats (thank God) yet it's so fancy! Shoe are like the best medicine for a bad day and a perfections for a perfect day. Cheessssyyy

ttttaaaa - ddddaaaaaaa (pardon my funny fingers, messy hair and rabbit teeth)
By Jamie Mascaro ♥
nice nice??

3. I end my day by having dinner with my bestie and bought her a same gorgeous top as mine for her birthday present, she love it and it makes me real happy!

Im ready for a good night sleep, but before I wanna share a challange: How about we change our mindset and make sunday to be the start of the week, monday is our 2nd day, and saturday is the last day of the week. Usually sunday is a happy relax day, so we start our week with a happy day that give us strength and peaceful mind to face the rest of the 5 days ahead. It works for me, hope it works well for all of you too.

Good night everybody and have a great week ahead!


simpler life

Watching this video, don't you want nothing more than give up all your schedules, quit your job/school and move out to country which lead a simpler life?

Back Into The Wild... A Collaboration with Sully Sullivan from Jewell&Ginnie on Vimeo.

Jungle Child.

2. I wanna read the book

Or it supposed to be the other way round?



I’m not really sure if I have had a home, for the past seven years, since I’ve been in Singapore. I have a room flat: a shelter with basic but sometimes unreliable infrastructure to allow one to get on with life; a space that we’ve lamentably grown out of so part of our possessions now live in a storage facility 10 minutes down the road; a place where I can do whatever I want, hidden away from public view, but I don’t know if I have ever felt completely relaxed here. I’d hesitate to call it a home.


sheers and pastels

 I am so into pastels, sheers and pretty things. I am feeling so lady like :)
ps: today I found a perfect clog and a sheer maxi shirt, I am happy like winning lotteries!!

image sources: here and here (she has the most amazing shoes-droooooling)


continue of my one biggish dream

Heyyy! remember my previous post of my one biggish dream? I haven't share with you that it must have one lovely kitchen too! So here is how I want it to be. *finger cross*
Tables filled with fresh fruits, cookies and fresh flowers. Pay me a visit one day. One fine day.

jump for joy

Yes, as you read I pass my very important exam today! Finally after 3 attemps, I could clear my paper, such a huge relieve. I must pass 3 papers in order to start my job, and this is my 2nd so last one to go.
I know in my heart (when I click the finish button, it was like a bungee jumping kind of feeling) if I can pass this paper is a simple miracle. I'm not clever, I'm super slow in studying, I can't even understand most of the sentences that filled the damn thick textbook, but I have a very loving Father source of my wisdom and hope, who will always provides my needs.

Soooooooo .................. when I see the PASS word on the screen I feel like hugging the monitor and SHOUT!
♥ ♥


graceful living

Hi loves! I just wanna share with you a nice statements by Mrs. Press, all about elegance, graceful living and beautiful sense as a woman.

"One of the things I'm always thinking about is how graceful living and the pursuit of beauty can enrich the day to day. It might be not save lives, but a bowl of garden roses or serving a chocolate éclair on a beautiful bone china plate can have an instant, and joyous, impact on your mood and the mood of those around you.
Style, grooming, lovely manners, entertaining beautifully, fostering a sense of elegance… these things can enhance not just the face you present to the world but the one that stares back at you from the mirror when you are alone. And they don’t cost a thing. Of course it’s not all about the surface – you’d want to be working in the substance too - but I don’t think we should dismiss the frosting."

Beautiful statement, isn't it? After I read this, I was overflowed with inspirations and last but not least, I want to share with you a secret of instant joy (only for ladies) that I figured out just past few days, it's proven! :)
The fastest route to joy I know is via lovely lingerie! Of course it won't last forever and I am not suggesting for one moment it's a valid replacement for true love and understanding, but for sure feels good in the right here and now. Magical.

Here are some pictures of elegant women that I adore much. I honestly was drooling over these pics, and surprisingly you can't easily find fashion outfit photos that gives you that instant feeling of elegance, you can find thousands pictures of stylish and quirky ladies nowadays, but true elegance is definitely something rare to find.
Olivia Palermo (American Socialite, model and actress)
  Shala Monroque (editor-at-large Pop Magazine)
 A radiantly pregnant Miroslava Duma (an editor for Harper's Bazaar Rusia)
 Natalia Alaverdian (Fashion stylisty and editor for Rusia Harper's Bazaar)


My all time fav song, I called this my trippin' shrooms♥

Having troubles telling how I feel
But I can dance, dance and dance
Couldn't possibly tell you how I mean
But I can dance, dance, dance
So when I trip on my feet
Look at the beat
The words are, written in the sand
When I'm shaking my hips
Look for the swing
The words are, written in the air
I was a dancer all along
Dance, dance, dance
Words can never make up for what you do
Easy conversations, there's no such thing
No I'm shy, shy, shy
My hips they lie 'cause in reality I'm shy, shy, shy
But when I trip on my feet
Look at the ground
The words are, written in the dust
When I'm shaking my hips
Look for the swing
The words are written in the air
I was a dancer all along
Dance, dance, dance
Words can never make up for what you do
Dance, dance, dance

If this doesn't put a smile on your face, check your pulse!
much love.


my journey to my one biggish dream.

Helloooooooooooooooo! I feel like writing things today, that's my simple reason of making a comeback. Through this post I want to share with you my journey to my one biggish dream. 
My mother, who was a living sample of feminist movement, always thought for an acomplished life the most essential thing was independence. She told me not to depend on anyone, she'd say to me, that's freedom. And freedom is a start of happiness. As simple as that.

So I took the step as she was before, start working young. Long story short, I have been working in 6 different companies, mean it as an intern, part-timer and full-timer. I have been working in all those so called fashion boutiques / fashion companies, but I must say those are not so fashion-forward after all. 20's is just a crucial age where you get so energetic, you full of hope and dream, you can't wait to do so many things and yet you don't realize how crucial it is to focus. Well, that's me. 

So here is last few story of my job journey - I was a boutique sales supergirl, where I had my forever denial manager that has been telling me since my first day, that I am not a sales girl but I'm more than that (in fact, I am a salesgirl! I guess she said that because I have to do everything, insane). Working there it's exactly like a nudist camp in the way that I can't wear what I want.
Next I change job to sell land! I was so proud of what I do at first and think that this is going to be a fulfilling job! Sounds cool, I guess, but it's where I spend hours and hours doing nothing. I tried to forget how bored I was, not to forget, though it is super boring, but the pay is damn high! Yet, I barely survives that super depressing land seller job!

And now, I am a financial advisor. I wouldn't say much as this is too early to say, but I'm not playing a fool with this bussiness, hope this will be my last career of my life and I could do more than just to fills my empty pockets thats has been crying for months, but instead I can impact lives and make many friends that others has never think of. Most important is through this job I would start my journey to one my biggish dream, is that to have my own marvelous house.
with one marvelous dressing room
and magnificent shoe rack.

oh yeah and pairs of loves, i mean shoes.


one fine day . . .

yeah, one very fine day. I will play with snow . . .

and meet winter wonderland fairy!

Happy monday everyone!


lazy after new year

sleep over, woke up at 10 but didn't leave the bed until 2. That can be count as lazy already I guess. Leave the bed to pee and cook very simple soba and udon for lunch. Eat about only half and hour and crawl in the bed, sit very comfortably under the duvet whoring my lappie. That's is my lazy new year. 

time flies like a lightning

Happy new year everybody! Hope you are all having a beautiful time with your family and friends.
All my love.


was having high tea with besties at goodwood park, beautiful setting and ambience. Perfect for afternoon out waiting for the new year coming in the way (;

euuii you disgusting!

fat broke superwoman.


and happy holidays!

well said ;)